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I had the opportunity to interview Dr Michelle Mazur – Speech Designer and Ideas Generator, who firmly believes that ‘ Introverts Make Great Public Speakers’.In this interview you’ll learn:

 How to deal with nerves when it comes to speaking in front of a live audience

 Why introverts make great public speakers

 How to really connect with a live audience

 How to remember our content when delivering a speech

 And much more!

 Word of warning: We had waaaayyy too much fun doing this interview!

 Watch the interview and make sure to leave a comment.


Sandra Pilarczyk

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2 Responses to Why introverts make great public speakers

  1. I loved this interview! I watched it not thinking that I had “need” of it, since I don’t plan to do any “events”. Then as I was watching, I was surprised by all the great take away ideas that I can use in my faith formation class for high schoolers! I’m excited to implement the early engagement technique to get the kids to be more involved. Thanks for all the awesome value you shared! You both Rock!

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