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What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me?

Let’s talk about how to fill your event with your dream clients.

AKA Event Marketing …I know it sounds a bit scary but it really doesn’t have to be!

Ok, you might have already heard me talking about this a few times…

But there is something else I really wanted to share with you!

Your client is constantly asking:

‘ What’s in it for me?’

And of course this is about the results she gets by attending your live event.

However, this is where I see a lot of entrepreneurs go a bit wonky..

We are all inundated with marketing messages who are promising us ‘ A 6 figure Income’, ‘ Speaking your Truth’, ‘ Design a business based on your passion’….

But what the heck does that mean? 6 figure business- Is that in £ or Euros?

Speaking your Truth- really? Not sure my mother in law would like that!

Passion and Business – Ermmm? Whaaattt?

Of course, I am over exaggerating here and the point is:

What does that mean for their family, relationships, health?

How does that actually affect their day to day life?

People like clarity and love relatable.


The more relatable you can make your results to our clients – the more sign up, shares, likes, bookings and registrations you will get.

Story time!

A few years back I was working on a nationwide series of conferences for a large corporate company.


My contact there was a pain on the a**….


She questioned very single venue quote, venue selection, recommended equipment, food choices…

Whenever I saw her email in my inbox, my stomach turned upside down. It was a massive account and I really couldn’t turn the business away…Instead I kept moaning and complaining to my husband about this ‘ impossible’ client!

After one too many moans, my husband said: ‘Why don’t you invite her dinner- at our house!’

My husband is Belgian and conflicts are settled with some nice food!


Reluctantly, I invited her and her husband to come over.


Turns out that she was a loving grandmother of two, stuck in a meaningless job for a large corporation who didn’t really care for the individual employees.


She assumed that we were a large company too! When she found out that we were a family run business with a tiny team, she simply couldn’t believe it.

Anyway- we became close friends and worked with her for a number of years.


Yeah yeah you might think: You made it personal! That’s why she related to you!


Ermmm yes, but more importantly:


I thought all she wanted was a swift and efficient responds to her emails- but what she really wanted was to have a personal interaction in her otherwise boring day!

Needless to say that I made an extra effort to remember her grand children’s birthdays!

And yes, I made a large amount of money from that contract for many years…

So asked yourself:

What is it your dream client really wants?

And how does that specifically look like in her day to day live?

Would love to hear about your day to day examples! Leave a comment and share!

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  1. Specific results for my clients – who are busy moms trying to juggle it all…

    No more treading on f*#$ing Lego!

    As much as we all love Lego and it’s educational benefits NO ONE wants to tread on it!

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