Seeking quiet but not shy coaches & creatives who are ready to make a massive change to their biz in 2016!

Dear coach, creative, consultant, healer & anyone who wants to change the world by sharing their message: You know that you have a superpower to change your clients lives for the better. That's not the problem. Everyone's telling you that so many people need what you offer- but you still have an empty calendar. You're starting to ask yourself: 'What the heck am I missing? How do all the other me-too's in my industry make money?'

I'm just going to say it:

The problem is that most people don't know who you are. They haven't seen your sales and opt-in pages, your posts, your videos. You probably already know this, but just to be clear:You have to be visible on a consistent basis. Because being invisible is costing you money.

So a few thing could be going on here:

You've been hiding. Lurking in Facebook groups without posting anything with intention (go on admit it!).

You've fallen into the 'it has to be perfect AKA procrastination' trap. You're not shooting your videos, hosting a blab, scoping, pod casting, interviewing your fav peeps, sending out regular email content- because you believe you're not 'ready' ( whatever that means to you).

You might not be sure how to get started. You're almost tearing your hair out when you even hear the word marketing. You'd run a great business if it wouldn't be for this tricky 'finding clients' part!

Am I getting close?

It doesn't have to be that hard. And you don't need to change your personality to attract your ideal clients. You just have to be yourself. Your authentic self. And yes I use AUTHENTIC because you don't want to be another 'me-too' in your industry.
You have to show up consistently. This is going to mean that you make a bigger impact. The impact you wanted to make when you first started your biz.

Once you're visible:

  • Clients will chase you instead of you chasing them.
  • They will sign up with you instead of with your competitors.
  • It saves you time, energy and your sanity on your marketing efforts.
  • And that also means that your business makes money on a consistent basis.

Who doesn't want that? No one that's who!

And then you can tell everyone who told you to get a job and who really doesn't get this online biz shizzle: See I told you. I got a real business. So there! 

What you need is accountability and a clear strategy to be seen and heard by more people who need to hear your message right now.

What you need is:

With the Visibility Academy you'll be seen by your ideal clients. And you'll make the impact you really want to make. It's the push you need to get your message out there with confidence and clarity. Your virtual biz bf who cheers you on when it get's tough and holds you accountable to smash your goals.

This is what you will get out of it:

  • Know how to find your ideal clients and how to engage with them.
  • Know how to share your message with confidence & clarity.
  • Increase your know, like and trust factor.
  • Practical tips and tools to build your list and attract your ideal clients.
  • An actual Visibility Strategy to know what to do and when to do it.
  • Being able to network and creating long lasting relationships with your clients and peers.
  • Letting go of resistance & procrastination of putting yourself out there.
  • Embracing the fear of visibility and finally be seen in a way that feels authentic to you.

Glynnis got new clients as a result of The Academy:

I’m so glad I signed up for Sandra’s Visibility Academy. I didn’t realise I was keeping myself and the work I do a big secret!

I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback and new clients from releasing the secret and making myself visible!

Glynnis Trinder Miracle Mindset Coach

The Visibility Academy is a 4-week group program to help you build confidence, share your message, and connect with others by teaching you the skills, tools and authenticity to deliver your message  with ease and authenticity.

It's where you have the space and support to create your own Visibility Strategy.

A winning combo of no BS training and mentoring.

Your're creating a Visibility Strategy which get's you in front of your ideal clients and build long lasting relationships.

You'll get a marketing and sales funnel strategy that doesn't want you to tear your hair out and feels like you.

And not a rehearsed copy of you.

So that you can make money on a consistent basis doing what you love to do.

Joy got super camera confident:

I went from being camera shy and having techno phobia to producing videos that I like and even posted. I am more comfortable video blogging and have a more doable marketing strategy. Thank you Sandra! If you want to become more visible than you are in your business, sign up for the Visibility Academy.

Joy Caffrey Author & Transformational Coach

Mildred now actually has a Visibility Strategy:

All the advice Sandra gave me has helped me share professional material, and plan a schedule of posting to various platforms in a way that suits me. Thanks Sandra for making this support and training available.

Mildred Ryan Author & Sound Healer

And this is how it looks like:

Training and Mentoring Calls via Zoom, Interaction in private Facebook Group & All training stored in private membership site forever.

  • We'll meet every Monday and Thursday via Zoom for a live training and group mentoring call.
  • You'll get the opportunity to create content videos.
  • You'll get feedback on your content videos & visibility strategy from me and the group in our private Facebook group.
  • Yours truly will hold you accountable every week to follow through with your intentions. Personally with EACH AND EVERYONE. No more hiding!
  • You have access to me at any time via our Facebook Group AND during our live calls.

On Mondays I'll host a training session and share with you the in's and out's on how to find your tribe, engage your tribe and sell to your tribe.

On Thursdays the magic happens: You have the screen! You ask the questions-we come up with the solutions. Share what you're working on, what's working, what's not working and what support you need to smash your goals.

Consistency really is your key to success.

You'll leave the academy on fire!  And you're going to be armed with strategies to create your own tribe.
However: It takes CONSISTENCY to build a sustainable business. That's why you are a life-time member of the Academy and are invited to repeat the live program several times a year.
With a tribe of supporters who cheer you on when it get's tough and breaks out the champagne to celebrate your success.

This is not another program you're signing up for and never actually implement anything. It's time to stop hiding. Every week you'll be held PERSONALLY accountable to follow through with your intentions. No more excuses.


Knowing your why is an essential part of lasting success with being visible. This week, you'll get clear on your intentions, the goal, the results you really want for yourself and your biz.

'I am not good enough.'

'I've got nothing to say.'

'Everything I want to talk about somebody else already did.'

'Everybody knows what I have to say.'

'I need better equipment.'


You'll have the tools on how to deal with these pesky limiting beliefs, once and for all!


No more wasting time on social media.

You're creating a plan to know exactly what and when to do to maximize your time, energy & sanity.

A sales funnel to sign up clients which is authentic to you.

You know how to find your tribe, engage with them and ask them for the sale.

No magic formula or following somebody else's template.

Asking for the sale will feel easy- a simple extension of all of your other marketing activities.


The most authentic way to position your self in this crowded market place is by sharing your message.

You'll be able to create a solid content library based on your message and viewpoints, which will feel and look like you.

And you never have to worry again about what to say!


By now shooting 'one take' videos feels like second nature to you.

Now it's time to ramp up your visibility by introducing interviews to connect with your peers and adding value to your clients.

Blabs, Periscopes, In-person networking: You'll get in the habit of asking yourself:

Am I really stepping up into a new comfort zone today to be seen by clients?

And you'll have the strategies to follow through with this.

Your investment for 4 weeks including live training, mentoring, support & accountability,library of resources  & life-time access is $ 550. Or  four payments of $ 147.

One time investment of $ 550:

Four monthly installments of $ 147:

If after 30 days you really believe that The Visibility Academy didn't support you to be seen- I'll give you your money back.

When you'll sign up you get immediate access to my library of training resources, including:

Video training on:

How to shoot a sales video without being sleazy.

Video filming, editing, hosting & set up.

The ONE TAKE video.

Quick video editing tips-Editing with Camtasia & Window Live Movie Maker.

Shine with live Hangouts-How to plan, promote & deliver your live Hangouts.


Behind the scene of my biz - my very own Visibility Strategy Template.

Resource guide of tried and successfully tested software, equipment and templates.

And this is ME!

I'm Sandra Pilarczyk ( pronounced PEELARZEEK) and I am an introvert.

So if you are an introvert and see that as an excuse for hiding- it's not.

I know. I've been there.

That's until I've entered a public speaking competition. Long story.Let's cut to the chase. Eventually ( we're talking a couple of years later here), I became a trainer presenting in front of hundreds of people.

Now I help solopreneurs to bust through the fear of visibility, so that they can step up and stand out in this crowded, frantic market place.

Because there's one thing I know for sure. There are are people out there who need to hear your message right now! It's time for you to stop hiding. Now.

  • q-iconI've already bought so many programs and watched so many tutorials- do I really need another course?

    This is NOT an online course. This is a live group experience. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to actually test out what you’ve learned and ask for feedback.

  • q-iconHow much time will have to allocate for this?

    The live weekly calls are between 45-60 minutes long. You will probably need to allocate another 2-3 hours a week to create and share content.

  • q-iconWhen are the live sessions and will there be a recording?

    I’ll be hosting a live call each Monday at 8pm  Brussels time  & Thursday at 2pm Brussels time (click HERE for your time zone). All sessions are recorded. However to get the most out of the Academy,you have to show up live, ask your questions and get feedback.

  • q-iconThis sounds intense! Will I be able to keep up?

    Yes, it will be intense.The academy is for you if you want to bring a massive change in your biz in 2016. I’ll share with you everything I’ve learned about how to find your dream clients, engage and sell to them. But don’t forget: All sessions are recorded and you can go through the training at your own pace. In addition to that you’ll get life-time access to the academy. No panic!

  • q-iconWhen does the live round start?

    It starts on the 25th April 2016.

  • q-iconCan I get a refund if I don't find it useful?

    I don’t want to waste your time or mine. If after 30 days you really believe that The Visibility Academy didn’t support you to be seen- I’ll give you your money back. I will ask for your completed exercises though.

  • q-iconCan you guarantee that this will get me more clients?

    No I can’t. Because it’s your responsibility to show up. However, I will be sharing the exact steps I took to create a sales funnel which gives me a consistent influx of new clients. I’m sharing my very own visibility strategy which includes creating my free visibility challenge with over 650 members, The Visibility Academy, how to enroll high paying VIP and Mastermind clients and getting invited to speak at events.

  • q-iconI'm just starting out! Maybe I am not ready!

    Nobody will give you a certificate which says: Congratulations. You are now ready to be seen! If you have valuable information to share, if you know that your message and your work makes a positive impact in your client’s lives: You are ready!

Talk about being visible.... One of my video ad sets has been viewed almost 20k times.Wow.It wasn't scripted.I didn't read off cue cards but I did think hard about what I wanted to say and how.

I am a huge Sandra Pilarczyk fan because she was one of my coaches that saw in me what I didn't want to embrace.She saw my power to connect when I had the courage to be visible.

Lisa Carpenter ,Tranformational Life & Nutrition Coach

Sandra is the real deal.

She appears gentle on the outside, but she’s got this fire inside of her that she leverages to call the best out of you ad to offer you keen suggestions for improvements that are right on target.

It’s like having a visibility advocate, she believes in you and she’s willing to say what’s necessary to call you out to be more visible and more effective for your clients.

Christi Daniels Author & Self-Full Mindset Hacktivist

Time to be more visible. Make more of an impact and get more clients:

One time investment of $ 550:

Four monthly installments of $ 147:

If after 30 days you really believe that The Visibility Academy didn't support you to be seen- I'll give you your money back.