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It’s not just about bums on seats!

You might already heard me talking about creating ‘extraordinary’ live events.

What does that really mean?

Well, for me it means:

Witnessing the transformation of our clients happening right in front of your eyes.

That simply means that you are helping your clients with a specific problem and provide a solution to their problem.

Sounds simple, right?

Here’s the thing:

The first question my clients ask me:

How do I fill my event?

And my responds always is:

Depends how good you are in solving your client’s problem.

Event planning is part of a process and promotion is just one part of it.

It’s not just about bums on seats.

If you are thinking about creating your own live event, which of course you should, ask yourself:

What problem does my client have right now?

How can I provide a solution to that problem as part of a live event?

Hint: You might have to go out and have a conversation with your clients about this.

You can create a survey.

Or even better:

Have an actual conversation and pick up an old fashioned phone.

I’d love to hear about how you took action and had a real conversation with your clients.

Did it surprise you? Or confirmed your suspicion?

Leave a comment below and share.


Sandra Pilarczyk


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