Are you ready to bust through the fear of visibility and finally being recognized as an expert in your niche? 

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Do you believe that-

Be seen is scary

Stepping outside our comfort zone is hard

Hiding behind you laptop is easy, it’s comfortable, it’s safe

You have to be the perfect speaker –

BEFORE you can go live with online events and speaking gigs?

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I see so many female solopreneurs hiding behind perfectly drafted website copy –

And struggle to make the impact in the world they really want to make!

Here are just some of the things my clients have in common:

You have amazing testimonials from your one-on-one clients-

but struggle to get your message out in a bigger way.

You have a bunch of certifications & accreditations-

but feel like you are the best kept secret in your niche.

You might an extrovert and talking comes naturally to you-

but when it comes to sharing your message LIVE you find yourself waffeling.

You might be introvert and use it as a reasonable excuse not to go LIVE

Yup, I’ve heard it all!

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How would you feel if:

You stood on stage sharing your message with your dream clients.

You hosted your own live online events and connect with a global audience.

You got ask to speak at events as an expert in your field.

You had the confidence to go LIVE – without feeling like a fraud.

I know this is possible for you!

Because …wait for the cliche phrase…..

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I’ve been there. In fact I grew up in an environment where it was good to be quiet, better to hide to avoid trouble.

Until I decided to step up into a new comfort zone in my early 30’s and entered a public speaking competition. Long story.

But eventually, I became a trainer, presenting in front of hundreds of people, online and in-person.

I now help solopreneurs to bust through the fear of visibility, so they can STEP UP  and STAND OUT in this crowded market place.

My mission is to show you how to go LIVE with confidence, connect with your dream clients and to be rewarded for your efforts to change your clients’ lives.

And YES, that means financial rewards as well.

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In my experience the fear of visibility comes through the belief that you have to be perfect!


Nobody likes perfect!

You don’t have to change to host a successful online event or speak live.

You don’t have to be the loudest, craziest or funniest presenter.

But you DO have to show courage to really connect with your clients.

And that’s why I’ve created Live It Up Academy.




This is a live 4-week intimate group event that busts through the fear of visibility and helps you to STEP UP in your business to make the positive impact you really want to make for your clients.

It’s an opportunity for you to be seen as the expert you are by taking consistent action.

Live It Up Academy is a supportive space to get you in front of your dream clients – with online events and public speaking.

It’s designed to break through old patterns and establish new ones that make you confidently connect with your dream clients.

LIVE IT UP ACADEMY is a space to PLAN and PRACTICE your live online event and speaking content. No more hiding!

It’s where shifting old dis-empowering beliefs meets a practical how-to-go live-guide.

It’s your opportunity to STEP UP in your business and go LIVE.

Live It Up is NOT a group program where I teach you a bunch of stuff and let you get on with it!

It’s a supportive intimate space to get you in front of the camera- and dealing with fears and self limiting beliefs which held you back before.

I am there to support you personally to be seen. 

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LIVE IT UP ACADEMY is for you if:

You are ready to take the next step up in your business

  • You’ve been thinking about hosting your own live online event for a long time
  • You secretly added TEDx talk to your vision board

You are already sharing your gifts with your one on one clients

  • You have great testimonials but you are still feeling like the best kept secret
  • You know your message needs to be heard by more people

You are ready to step up, take action and go LIVE

  • Your vision for your business is BIG & BOLD
  • You feel it’s your time to step up into your new comfort zone – but have no idea how to get started


Busting through the fear of visibility & be seen

This pesky fear which held you back for so long – we’ll bust through it in a firm and gentle way.

Sharing your message with your authentic personality

You are the expert in your niche. You have so much valuable information to share. All we need to do is to organize that content in a way that avoids overwhelm for your clients. And gets you super excited to share it!

Deciding on your style of going LIVE

Live Hangouts, Webinars, Speaking- I’ll show you how to get started. And you decide on your preferred style: The core principles of going live which I’ll teach you are the same!

Testing out your content AKA Practice

You’ll get plenty of opportunities to actually practise your content in a safe and supportive environment.

Stepping up in your business to be recognized as an expert in your niche

You are ready to go live and it’s your time to get rewarded for your efforts.

Practical tips and tools on how to go LIVE

Don’t let the technical side of things hold you back from going live- I’ll share all of my inside tips, resources, how to’s & templates

Feeling supported and knowing it’s ok to show up as yourself

Going live makes us vulnerable. When we step out of our ‘normal’ zone of comfort it threatens a belief we have ( in our own minds…). That’s why LIVE IT UP ACADEMY offers security, safety and belonging. It’s a ‘Visibility Safety Bubble’ full of support & encouragement.


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Weekly LIVE training sessions

Once a week I’ll host a LIVE training session on how to go live with online events and speaking.

I’ve designed this training for you to take action- no excuses for you.

Weekly Q&A sessions

In addition to the training sessions, we’ll also ‘hang out’ once a week and you can ask me any questions you have and get even more support and encouragement.

Weekly accountability

I’ll be challenging you to create content for your online events and speaking gigs.

You’ll have the opportunity to post your content ( Hangouts or Videos ) and get feedback on your content and delivery from me.

Live it up diary

A PDF resource to hold you accountable on your goals and keep you on track on your journey to go LIVE. It includes worksheets, resource lists and templates which you can refer back to again and again.

A private support group

We’ll meet in our private Facebook group community, where you will share your content, get feedback, ask for virtual hugs and connect with the other ‘ Livesters’

This is an intimate group experience with no more than 10 Livesters.




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Your investment for Live It Up Academy is: $ 497.00 – Spaces are limited to 10 Livesters

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‘I’m not ready!’

Lovely, nobody will give you a certificate which says:

‘Congratulations! You are now ready to go live!’

If you have valuable information to share, if your message and your work makes a positive impact on your clients:

You are ready to go LIVE!

‘I’ve already bought so many programs and watched so many tutorials- do I really need to buy another course?’

This is NOT an online course. This is an intimate group event.You’ll get plenty of opportunities to actually test out what you’ve learned.

Live It Up Academy is about taking action in a supportive and nurturing environment.

‘How much time will I have to spend on this?’

The weekly training sessions are between 45-60 mins long. I’ll be asking you to create content, shoot videos and post your content in our private Facebook community- which will probably take you between 3-5 hours a week.

‘When are the training sessions and will there be a recording?’

I’ll be hosting a live training session each Monday at 8pm CET. Weekly Q&A sessions are on Thursdays 8pm CET.

All sessions are recorded and can be viewed inside a private membership site. In there you’ll also have access to the Live it up diary with worksheets, templates and resources.

‘When does the next live round of Live it up Academy start?’

The next round starts on the 13th April 2015.

‘Can I get a refund if I don’t find it useful?’

I don’t want to waste your time or mine. If after 30 days you really believe that Live it up Academy didn’t support you to go live – I’ll give you your money back. I will ask for your completed content videos though.

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And I have a few more bonuses for you!

  • My 60 Minute Masterclass on ‘How to plan, promote & deliver your live in-person event’
  • My mini Ebook ‘ How to plan a live event – Your 6-month Planner’
  • My 5 – part video series ‘ How to Shine with Hangouts’ including 16 page work book
  • And- I am inviting some of my favorite entrepreneurs to share their wisdom with us ( more to follow!)

Testimonal 4

What would it mean to you and your business to be seen- and to do this with confidence?


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