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How to plan your first live event – And have the heck fun with it!

So- you might already thought about creating your first live event.

After all: You are already making a massive difference in your clients’ lives…

You’ve been in business for a while and ‘Been there- Done it – Have the T-Shirt’ (or maybe a wardrobe of it?) – is something you think to yourself a lot…

But how the heck do I go about to plan this thing? How the heck do I get started with my first live event?  Arrgggggggg…

I hear you!

Here’s the thing:

It’s not as hard as you might think!

I say this again:

It’s not as hard as you might think!


However: I also know it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there in front of your clients in person – as in live!

I know you need to be brave to take that step!

I know because I have been there (and yup you guessed it: I HAVE the wardrobe of T-Shirts!)

I grew up believing it’s good to quiet, better to disappear to avoid trouble. Petrified of speaking in public, even more petrified showing my vulnerability to others (you might call that a ‘tough cookie’).


But once I made the step to become a trainer ( ermm long story!) – Geez! I was born to do this!


It was as I finally found my self-worth. (Deep I know!)


How to plan your first live event


So how did I do this – and most importantly: How can you do this to!

  1. Start with a vision

A vision is the ‘dream land’. Imagine yourself standing in front of your dream clients at the very end of your first live event: What do you see? Who do you see? And most importantly: How do you feel?

Go crazy and create your event vision! Write it, pin it, video it, Instagram it! The more compelling your vision – the more likely you will follow through with it!

I promised you that this will be fun, right?!

  1. Plan to serve your vision

Look at your vision: What need to happen to make that vision a reality? Beautiful beach location venue? Do the research! Awesomely engaged dream clients? Find them! Sign-ups for your mastermind program? Design it!

The point here is: Every event planning starts with our vision. Plan step by step backwards to make your vision real.

  1. Partner up – Don’t do it alone!

Ok! As entrepreneurs we tend to have the ‘I can do it all by myself syndrome’. I certainly have!

But when it comes to plan your first live event, my best advice is: Don’t do it alone, girl!!

Find yourself some new business BFs (you probably already have a bunch of them) and ask them to help you to spread your message about your event.

In grown up language you might call that ‘Affiliate marketing’ – but don’t overcomplicate things here! I know the ‘asking’ part is gonna be tough, but trust me: When it comes to plan your first live event, you don’t want to do this all by yourself (geez now I am thinking Bridget Jones…).

You’ll be surprised about how many peeps will want to support you (you might call that aligning yourself with successful people) …I can sense a warm fuzzy feeling coming up!

  1. Review and repeat

Here’s the number one secret for planning your first live event: Don’t give up at the first hurdle.

If you are not having the sign ups you want immediately (and you probably won’t!) don’t give up. Instead: Review what has worked and repeat. Where did you get the most engagement from? Facebook? Twitter? Referrals? Concentrate on these channels and do more of it!

Word of warning: There is loads of ‘expert advice’ out there…Don’t fall into the trap of listen to everybody and anybody! Follow your own intuition and do more of what has worked for you and less of what others say.

  1. Practise – like there is no tomorrow!

And this comes straight from my 6 year old son’s wisdom (really!): Practise makes sense!

Especially when you are planning your first live event.

You can’t possibly know if your content is any good, if you haven’t practised it before on real people.

You might think a particular piece of advice will change your clients’ lives forever, but unless you tested it in a real live environment, you just don’t know!

And this advice comes from somebody who has imaginary conversations with people to plan for every possible outcome: It doesn’t work!

Practise in the shower, walking the dog, on the school run…yes you might get a few odd looks- but if you can’t see the funny side with this…well ermm maybe that’s another blog post then!

 6. Be your awesome self!

And finally: Remember that you are extraordinary! Really, you are!

You are already sharing your super powers with your clients and changing their lives for the better.

When you make the decision to plan your first event, magic happens. Your clients will automatically see you as an authority in your field, just because you are showing courage to put yourself out there. And even more important: They want to connect with you in person.

You are enough.

And that’s how you plan your first live event.

So – you in? Ready to live it up?

Would love to get a big fat ‘Heck Yeah!!’


Sandra Pilarczyk


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