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Remember that live event you went to where the speaker literally gave you the chills and sat thinking….

Geez I should be doing something like this!

And immediately after you thought:

  • Nobody is going to show up!

  • How do I get my clients to the event?

  • I probably end up cancelling anyway because nobody is buying a ticket!

I hear you!

And that’s why I did this hangout where I’ll share:

  • The reasons why your clients attend live events ( they want to connect with you in person!)

  • Why a sales page alone doesn’t fill your event ( but a campaign will!)

  • My step by step guide how to get your clients to buy from you

And loads more!!

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Sandra Pilarczyk

What peeps said about this training ( mwahhh):

” You’ve got authenticity flooding through you – that’s powerful!”

” Great hangout – watched it last night. Your passion for and knowledge of events really comes across.”

” Not only an AMAZING hangout, but a TOTALLY AWESOME, TOTALLY INFORMATIVE, TOTALLY USEFUL follow up call this morning. Thank you so much for sharing Sandra.”

” You inspired me to start thinking about how I can create a lovely money retreat.”

” Thanks for hosting the hangout Sandra, really enjoyed it.”


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