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Don’t Over Complicate Things!

Don’t Over Complicate Things!

Don’t over complicate things – just get started to plan your live event!

Ok, ok… so this a lesson I had to learn the hard way…

After all: I’ve been in this business for over 18 years and I have tons of info I want to share!

And with all this information, comes doubt and confusion:

‘ If ‘they’ do that, I should do that!’ ( insert -who the heck is ‘ they’ anyway?)

‘ If I don’t include more info people will think I’m a fraud’ ( insert- yeah right if you are not qualified who is?)

‘ Nobody is gonna show up anyway’ ( insert – more on that later!)

And all of this leads to: Procrastination! AKA Not getting started!

Maybe you can relate?

But here’s the thing:

I like things to be straight forward, easy to understand, actionable – Uncomplicated!

So, in today’s episode of ‘ Sandra’s TV’ ( totally made that up just now!) I am sharing:

The One thing I learned about events working at MacDonalds.

Yes, my first ever paid job was at McD!

And most importantly : How you can use this to start planning your successful live event!

It’s a short and actionable video-  you see what I’m doing here?

Short & actionable to get you started!!

And yes:

What if it is easy to get started?

What if it just takes one thing to get you started?

What if you could start today to plan your live event?

What would that mean to your business, life, relationships?

You see, as experts, we all tend to over complicate things…

But sometimes it’s just as easy as to take ONE STEP to plan your live event today

Love to hear from you in the comments!

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