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Interview with Star Khechara- Going LIVE with personality

I’m on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs to go live in front of an audience of their dream clients.

To stop them from hiding behind their laptops.

To stop waiting for the ‘right’ time to go live.

To go out there being their true authentic self, online and in-person.

And I thought I’ll get some help to spread that message.

I had so much fun interviewing Star Khechara!

If you haven’t come across her before:

She’s fully embracing her quirky personality.

She openly shares her uniqueness – including cat ears and her love for gin.

She adds incredible value to her clients and her online Facebook community on a daily basis.

And she’s one of the most caring and switched on entrepreneurs, I had the pleasure to connect with.

Being authentic and not holding anything back, served her very well:

She recently launched a 6 figure turn over business and I have a feeling that’s just the start.

In this interview we are talking about:

How it changed her life and business to go live with an authentic personality

3 tips on how to monetize YOU

How to deal with haters

And how to nature an online community of fans

Watch the interview ( 19.22 mins) and leave me a comment below with one personal thing about you which you will share with your clients today!

Star is a ‘Freedom Lifestyle’ entrepreneur who teaches her clients to create passive income streams for their businesses. You can find her at


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