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‘I’ll make sure that your message gets out in my community, Sandra’

That was the best feedback I ever got as a trainer.

I’ve been working in the events and hotel industry all my adult life.

Yes, I know how to plan a live online or in-person event.

Yes, I can teach you how to craft your story and share your message in your true voice. 

Yes, I can teach you how to fill your event with your dream clients.

However – it’s YOU who has to decide to raise your visibility and put yourself out there!

I can share my story ( which is a long one geez…) and only can hope that it sparks a little inspiration or even better:

A commitment to stop playing small.

For a long time, I was hiding behind the busyness of running my own business.

Until I entered my first public speaking competition. Not something I usually would do being an Introvert.

I felt sick to my stomach, wobbly knees, shaky hands, flushed cheeks- the lot!

But I kept going – and entered another competition and another and another.

how to plan a live event
My first public speaking trophy- look at the hair!


Why? Because of this incredible sense of achievement afterwards.

Eventually, I became a trainer, presenting in front of hundreds of people, online and live.

I instigated live events which changed people’s lives.

Seeing their transformation happening right in front of my eyes.

And that, well that is something which is so rewarding that I can’t put a price tag on it.

‘ ‘I’ll make sure that your message gets out in my community, Sandra’

That feedback changed my life. I realized that it wasn’t just about the people in the room –

It was so much more than that!

Your clients will go out and make their lives, business and relationships better.

How freaking powerful is that?

The 3 things I’ve learned about going live:

You don’t need permission to go live!

Nobody will give you a certificate which says: ‘Congratulations your are now Ready to go live’

You DECIDE to be ready.

You don’t have to overcome your fear of speaking in public!

I believe that ‘overcoming the fear of public speaking’ is a myth created by perfect speakers.

I still feel sick to my stomach every time I speak live ( and yes that includes live hangouts too!).

You CHOOSE if this stops you from sharing your message in a bigger way.

‘It doesn’t have to be that hard’

That quote should be a screensaver the universe gives you when you first start your own business.

Why the heck do we entrepreneurs always try to over complicate things?

All you need is a plan- and TRUST the process.

So, the question really is:

Are you ready to Live It Up?


Sandra Pilarczyk

‘Live it Up Academy – the Group Event’ Starts 9th March. All info HERE. 

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